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Ducobox Silent

DucoBox Silent is the quietest MEV in Europe! This mechanical air extraction unit works by extracting contaminated and moisture-laden air from wet rooms in your home. It allows a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

The DucoBox Silent Connect is both the driver of the system and the master unit to which control components can be paired. This quiet, compact, durable and extremely energy‐efficient extractor fan extracts moist and/or stale air as required and at the correct rate. Simple design and an efficient DC motor ensure long service life.

Manufactured in accordance with system C, meaning that it has low maintenance and no major maintenance expense.

The functionality can also be expanded with the DucoBox Communication Print PCB. This will allow you to control your mechanical fan with your smartphone or tablet using the Duco Ventilation App!

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum flow rate – 400 m³/h
  • 7 x 125mm connections
  • Smart and Energy Efficient
  • Forced extraction of contaminated and moist air in wet rooms
  • Manufactured to system C
  • Powerful Extraction
  • Wireless Communication
  • Whisper quiet noise level
  • Double wall construction and acoustic base plate
  • CO2 & Humidity Sensor
  • Smartphone App to control the system

Proudly Europe’s Quietest MEV Unit

With a sound power level of 57.5 dB(A) when extracting and 46.5 dB(A) emission from the housing (at 350 m3/h) the DucoBox Silent is Europe’s quietest box!

Thanks to its double wall, combined with an acoustic baseplate, the central extract unit is as quiet as a whisper during operation. Moreover, with this type, you can choose between CO2 or Humidity sensors, integrated in the DucoBox or in the room.

Ducobox Silent - Silent MEV Europe

DUCO Ventilation App

Thanks to the DUCO Ventilation App, coming home to a poorly ventilated living environment is now a thing of the past. With its efficient, simple and user-friendly operation, DUCO’s new app for smartphones and tablets gives all installers maximum support during the configuration and maintenance of an installed ventilation box, saving them both time and money!

  • Efficient parameters readout
  • Live air-quality measurement
  • Rapid changing of settings
  • Automatic problem detection
  • Time saving & user-friendly installation wizard
Duco ventilation app

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