Orcon HRC 300 EcoMax


The Orcon HRC 300 EcoMax is a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery that ventilates according to need. The HRC EcoMax is up to 60% more energy efficient than its predecessor, with a thermal efficiency of 99.3%! The unit has a maximum flow rate of 300 m³/h at 150Pa and is very quiet.

The HRC 300 EcoMax is the textbook example of economic efficiency and is fully ready for the stricter requirements for nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). 

Orcon’s MVHR unit is one of the smartest heat recovery units on the market. Thanks to the 13 built-in sensors, the flow can be balanced with an accuracy of 1%. The sensors also ensure even better regulation in different demand-controlled scenarios such as bypass, frost, shower and cooking programs. In addition, up to 20 additional RF sensors or RF controls can be connected to the unit.

The Orcon 300 EcoMax MVHR is exceptionally easy to install. The unit is suitable for both left and right assembly by mounting the control, filters and front plate on the other side of the unit. In addition, the ventilation ducts can be connected to either the side and or the top. The device is supplied without plug.

Features & Benefits

  • Ventilation flow rate up to 300 m³/h at 200 Pa
  • Thermal efficiency up to 94%
  • Efficient EC fans with constant volume control
  • Automatically balancing to within 1% accuracy
  • Very low noise
  • Modulating 100% bypass
  • Fitted with top and side connections
  • Expandable with RF Sens. and/or RF-bed., up to 20 pcs
  • Left and right mounting possible
  • Insulating EPP housing
  • Standard integrated humidity sensor

Ease of Installation

The HRC EcoMax not only excels in efficiency but certainly also in ease of installation. Thanks to eight different connection options, no fewer than sixteen connection combinations are possible. The unit is also suitable for use as a left- or right-hand version, allowing it to be installed anywhere. 

Moreover, the HRC EcoMax are suitable for both wired and RF-control. This literally means one model for all applications. Easy for the contractor and installer, and lower inventory costs for the wholesaler.


Simple Maintenance

The HRC EcoMax also offers tremendous ease of maintenance. Careful thought was given to service efficiency during development, for example; all important service components are easily accessible for cleaning or replacement.

There is also no need to remove the unit from the wall during maintenance work and there are replaceable modules. This saves both time and money.

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