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Heat Recovery Units – Orcon 300

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency tops the agenda in construction today. Europe’s Building Regulations and Standards are being constantly upgraded to ensure that dwellings have less impact on the environment and use energy more efficiently. One important consequence of these stricter requirements is improved insulation and sealing levels. However, the more tightly insulated a building becomes, the greater the need for continuous replacement of the air inside. Opening a window is not enough and will only serve to waste more energy.


Indoor air quality is intrinsically linked to personal health and well-being. Indeed, conventional efforts to improve our homes’ insulation have resulted in increased instances of respiratory problems. As insulation increases, the freshness of indoor air decreases. What is needed is an energy-efficient ventilation system, which ensures optimum indoor air quality.

The Orcon 300 by Flynn Heat Recovery Systems is a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. This means that as much freshly filtered external air is fed into the living rooms and bedrooms as stale air is extracted from the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. During this process the heat from the extracted stale air is transferred to the freshly filtered replacement air. The results are significant energy savings and a heat recovery efficiency of more than 95%.

Characteristics of the Orcon 300

  • Constant flow DC motors
  • Night time cooling
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Display
  • Easy Control
  • Biorhythmic intelligent control – Intelligent defrost cycle
  • Water trap
  • Reversible module
  • Service and maintenance
  • EU F8 cartridge filter

Technical Information about the Orcon 300

Constant Flow DC Motors

The fans controlling the inlet and outlet air are energy-efficient, and set once using dipswitches. Constant Flow (CF) means the fans, once set, will maintain the performance required regardless of installation variations and system changes. To achieve the preset air volume the fan will run faster or slower. As such, the fans in the Orcon 300 will ensure a constant volume of air, even when conditions change; e.g. additional resistance resulting from a build up of dust at the room terminations.

Night Time Cooling

The Orcon 300 is fitted with a summer bypass, ensuring that the dwelling does not continue to heat up during the summer. This is achieved by blowing cold, filtered air into the house during the night. The inlet temperature will never be lower than 14 degrees, irrespective of whether the user chooses setting 1, 2 or 3. The bypass is fully automated, with the fine control of the inlet temperature controlled by a sleeping motor.

Easy to Install and Operate

The Orcon 300 consists of three components, each weighing less than 25kg. The assembly frame can be supplied as a first-fix, so that the ducts can be installed. The unit can then be supplied to coincide with completion of the dwelling. The smart design of the assembly frame avoids intersecting ducts, thus preventing resistance and complexity of use.


The installer or end-user of the Orcon 300 can check its current state on the cover-mounted display. Error codes provide information in the unlikely event of a system fault. The service indicator informs the user when to clean or replace the filters.

Easy Control

The Orcon 300 is fitted with a three-speed controller and humidity sensor. If the unit detects a rise in extract air humidity, the fan changes speed to increase the ventilation rate and compensate for the increased humidity. The fan will operate at this rate for thirty minutes before returning to its previous setting.

Download the Orcon 300 Heat Recovery Unit Specifications Sheet here