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Heat Recovery Units – StorkAir 350

Energy Efficiency

The integrated cross-counter-flow heat exchanger achieves an efficiency exceeding 90%. For users this means no unpleasant cold draughts as supply air is heated from freezing to almost room temperature.


The StorkAir 350 ventilation unit was developed for use in demanding home and industrial situations. It brings superb comfort, easy operation, superior efficiency and flexibility of integration to home technology. The StorkAir 350 has powerful DC fans, emits little noise and delivers 370m3/h of air at an external pressure of 100 Pa.

Characteristics of the StorkAir 350

The StorkAir 350 ventilation unit was developed for use in the demanding home and commercial market providing comfortable ventilation up to 370m3/h. Benefits include:

  • More than 90% heat recovery efficiency
  • Moisture recovery with the optional enthalpy exchanger
  • Low power consumption thanks to DC motors
  • Automatically switching, 100% summer bypass
  • Variable frost protection function; also efficient in low temperatures
  • Quick, safe assembly and maintenance
  • Ease of operation, CO2 regulation, EIB option
  • Optional integrated preheater and moisture regulator
  • Radio-controlled operation and filter contamination display
  • Earth heat exchanger controller
  • Connection to electric and warm water afterheater option
  • Small minimal airflow rate, especially suited to residential buildings
  • Hearth connection option for homes with open fireplaces
  • Registered with a Specific Fan Power of 0.67 W/l/s

Technical Information about the StorkAir 350


The supply and exhaust fans have efficient DC motors. Thanks to individual controls, pressure differences in supply and exhaust air distribution systems can be balanced. The preferred airflow of these quiet fans can be adjusted in 1% increments. Selectable airflow levels for the StorkAir 350 are from 50m3/h to 370m3/h.


The StorkAir ventilation unit is equipped with class F7 series filters.


The StorkAir 350 ventilation unit is characterised by a compact assembly format. All air connections are located on the upper face. The air connections provide approved flexible capabilities. The insulating noise-absorbing connector can be rotated to suit requirements; thus facilitating assembly of the air duct to the unit, while simultaneously preventing noise transmission through the air distribution system.


Control of the ventilation unit is through the Flynn Heat Recovery ComfoEase LCD, usually positioned in the living room, or by remote control. Airflow at each stage for supply and exhaust air can be set separately in 1% increments.


User maintenance of the StorkAir 350 ventilation unit is limited to regular changing of the integrated filter on the unit front. The heat exchanger should be cleaned every three to four years, depending on the condition of the outside air. Users can easily remove the heat exchanger from the unit then clean it with soapy water. Further servicing information is found on the equipment handbook.