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Heat Recovery Units – StorkAir 600


The StorkAir 600 heat recovery unit is intended for application in larger residential balanced ventilation systems. In these systems, used air is extracted from kitchens, toilets and shower rooms, and fresh outdoor air is fed to living areas and bedrooms. Due to its high output – 450 m³/h at 240 Pa – the WHR 950 is also suitable for small nonresidential applications.

The casing is constructed of high quality coated aluminium and plating. The front is made of recyclable plastic (RAL 7037). The WHR is fitted on top with four Ø 180 mm air connections. A plastic condensation drain with a 1¼ inch connection has been fitted in order to drain any condensation which might form in the unit and in the external air outlet. This plug is fitted as standard with a Ø 32 mm connection pipe. In order to prevent condensation, it is important to insulate the exhaust ducts and outdoor air ducts against water vapour.


The WHR 950 is fitted with a 100% bypass. This allows for the use of night air to ventilate the house in the summer – so-called free cooling. The bypass is automatically regulated according to the set comfort temperature.


The StorkAir 350 ventilation unit was developed for use in demanding home and industrial situations. It brings superb comfort, easy operation, superior efficiency and flexibility of integration to home technology. The StorkAir 350 has powerful DC fans, emits little noise and delivers 370m3/h of air at an external pressure of 100 Pa.

Key Characteristics of the StorkAir 600

These include:

  • Counter-flow exchanger: 95% thermal yield
  • DC motors: 50% lower energy consumption
  • Air supply and exhaust individually adjustable via display
  • Intelligent adjustment
  • Available with 100% bypass for free cooling
  • Unique frost protection
  • High output of 450 m³/h at 240 Pa – extremely suitable for larger dwellings.
  • For cooling purposes, the WHR 950 can be complemented with the Comfortunit Artic 950.

Technical Information about the StorkAir 350


The WHR has energy efficient DC motors with HE impellers. This results in total energy savings of 50-60% compared to AC motors.


At the front of the WHR there are two G3 filters which can easily be removed and reinstalled without tools

Heat exchanger

The high-quality plastic counterflow exchanger has a thermal efficiency of 95%. Reheating of the supply air is no longer necessary.

Frost protection

Frost protection is fitted to prevent freezing of the counter-flow exchanger. If necessary, the frost protection unit reduces the intake fan’s speed in order to increase the exhaust air’s temperature and thus prevent freezing. The imbalance in air supply and exhaust is barely noticeable and is preferable to continually having to switch off the air supply.


The WHR has a touch control display which allows for easy adjustment of settings (speed/ capacity, etc.) and easy reading of data.


The 3 speeds can be variably set to the most economical speed. Both the SA 1-3V three-position switch or the switch on the extractor hood can be used to switch between high, medium or low. Using a RBO (receiver) and one or more RBZs (transmitters), the unit can be remotely adjusted (radio controlled) between the three positions from one or more locations.


The WHR 950 is available with a 100% bypass. When engaged, exhaust air is diverted around the exchanger. This allows for the use of night air to ventilate the house in the summer – so-called free cooling. The bypass is automatically regulated according to the set comfort temperature.


The WHR 950 can be mounted on the wall or be fitted free-standing. A special base is available for this purpose.

Software for adjustment with laptop

Software that can be installed on a laptop has been developed for the WHR 950. Adjustment can now be carried out using a laptop.

Pulse Switch

The WHR can be set to ‘high’ for a certain length of time by inclusion of a pulse switch in the bathroom. The duration can be set in menu P2 on the display. The bathroom switch is connected to the WHR via a 2-core low-voltage cable.

Comfortunit Artic 950

The Comfortunit Artic 950 contains a heat pump which vastly improves living comfort during warm weather. The unit is mounted on top of the WHR 950 and ensures cooling and dehumidifying of supply air during warm weather.