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Savings you can make with Flynn Heat Recovery

How Much Can You Save?

This can depend upon where you live, how warm you normally keep your house, how well sealed it is and other factors. Payback time for any of our Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems is estimated to be between 3 and 12 years with the shorter payback being in better sealed homes. Since the largest element of your energy bill is usually in heating, this is where you will see the greatest improvement.

Although you can have a cooker hood connected to the HR unit, these are currently units that do not fit well into modern kitchen designs. In addition a lot of steam and kitchen smells, NO2 (nitrous oxide) and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from gas are produced locally, it is better for these to be removed locally at high speed intermittently rather than rely on the heat recovery ventilation to remove it at a slower rate (even if continuous). Steam showers should have supplementary extraction. Drying machines should not be connected to the heat recovery system and swimming pools should have their own dedicated specialist unit as should saunas.

What about heating and cooling?

Both heating and cooling can be added to the heat recovery system. Our systems include a heat pump which provides an element of heating and cooling to keep your house at an even temperature in Spring through to Autumn. The efficiency of this unit particularly at low temperatures makes it more economical in heating mode than using gas. At 0° Celcius outside temperature it provides the equivalent of 3kW to 4kW heating. You may therefore need additional heating depending upon the energy requirements of your house. The extent to which they will cool the property depends very much upon its thermal efficiency and solar gain.

More Information

For further information or to have any of your questions, talk to the experts at Flynn Heat Recovery Systems on 057 9336999 or send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to help!