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utek reversus

Reversus is a residential ventilation unit with counterflow heat exchanger and EC electronic fan. Structure is made of extruded aluminium profiles and double skin Aluzinc panels, sandwiched on injected polyurethane foam insulation. F7 filters for the fresh air flow and G4 filters for the extraction air flow. The units are supplied with the EVO-PH control system with a touch panel for easy operation and monitoring of the unit.

Ideal for cold climates because the heated supply air is dry, resulting in a dry indoor environment (without enthalpy exchanger); in summer it removes moisture from the air inlet (more hot and humid than indoor air).

The enthalpy heat exchanger allows to recover sensible and latent energy from the air, that is, to transfer the water vapour from one flow to the other: the moist air water vapour is absorbed on a side of the porous membrane of the exchanger and transferred to the air on the other side.

Available Models: Reversus 1, Reversus 2 , Reversus 3

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient Balanced Ventilation
  • Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger with 95% efficiency
  • Speed-Controllable EC Fans
  • Summer Bypass Option
  • F7 Filter
  • Frost Free


The REVERSUS is supplied with a coloured HD touch display, which can be wall-mounted and gives you intuitive viewing of the working status of the unit and allows precise adjustment of ventilation, also through a weekly time schedule.

The controller automatically manages the summer bypass, prevents frosting of the heat exchanger and warns the user of the need to replace the filters. With its pressure sensors the unit ensures always a balanced ventilation, even if the filters start to build up back-pressure.

The unit’s control board connects to an external switch for boost function and is ready for the integration in a home automation system (Modbus protocol with Ethernet connection). The implemented web server allows interaction with the machine, even with an internet browser of a device connected (also from remote).

utel reversus controller
utel reversus heat exchanger

Heating & Cooling

The Reversus can be ducted to a pre and post heater:


The electrical pre-heater of the Reversus is mainly to keep the heat-exchanger ice-free in the colder regions of the country. It also helps to make up for the heat/loss due to ventilation. Once connected, it is fully controlled by the Reversus unit.


The post-heater/cooler is a hydronic Coil Unit which can be ducted to the Reversus unit. Once connected, it is fully controlled by the Reversus unit. The coil unit requires hot/cold water for its operation, which can be supplied by a hydronic heat-pump. The Coil Unit is capable of delivering a heating/ cooling performance of up to 7.6kW.

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