Commissioning & Balancing

It is crucial to test your MVHR system to ensure that it is functioning properly if it has been installed or is nearing completion. Post-installation commissioning and balancing are critical to ensure adequate airflow throughout your property and compliance with Building Regulations. Commissioning should be performed by a well-trained professional to ensure that your equipment has been installed correctly and is functioning as intended. An unbalanced system can significantly reduce the heat recovery rate.

Commissioning involves setting the overall ventilation level of the MVHR unit to reflect the intended values for the nominal ventilation level. This ensures that the system is balanced, meaning that the extract flow rate is adjusted to match the supply flow rate, preventing any overall positive or negative pressure buildup in the dwelling.

In the next step, various room valves (outlets and inlets) are adjusted to ensure that each room has an adequate supply of fresh air and that stale air is being extracted.

commissioning balancing

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