Self-Build Your Dream Home with MVHR

Building your own home is an exciting journey, a chance to meticulously craft a space that reflects your vision and lifestyle. But beyond the aesthetics and layout, a crucial element often gets sidelined – ventilation. Poor ventilation can lead to unhealthy indoor air quality, reduced comfort, and even structural issues.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat  Recovery (MVHR) offers a game-changing solution for self-builders, seamlessly integrating into design plans to significantly improve indoor air quality throughout your home.

Why MVHR for Your Self-Build Home?

  • Passive House Ready: MVHR systems are a crucial component for achieving the rigorous standards of passive house construction. They seamlessly integrate with your airtight building envelope, ensuring optimal ventilation without compromising energy efficiency.
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality: MVHR continuously removes stale, polluted air and replaces it with fresh, pre-filtered air. This significantly reduces allergens, pollutants, and even harmful VOCs emitted from building materials. The result? A healthier living environment for you and your family.
  • Silent Operation, Unwavering Comfort: MVHR systems operate at whisper-quiet levels, ensuring a peaceful and healthy environment in your self-built haven. Fresh air delivery won’t compete with the tranquil atmosphere you’ve meticulously crafted.
  • Unleash Your Design Creativity: Ditch the bulky ductwork restrictions! MVHR utilizes a compact network of discreet ducts, freeing up valuable space for your vision to flourish.

Centralized MVHR

For larger self-build projects or those prioritizing a whole-house ventilation strategy, a centralized MVHR system offers several advantages. This configuration features a single, high-capacity MVHR unit strategically mounted in a loft or cupboard space. A network of discreet ducts then distributes conditioned air throughout the entire home.

Centralized MVHR provides  greater flexibility during the planning stage.  Ducts can be  strategically routed within walls or crawl spaces, minimizing  disruption to your final design intent.

The in-room vents are low-profile with modern frameless design options for a seamless finish, free from cracks, lines and visible edges.

Partner with Flynn Heat Recovery

Self-building your dream home requires meticulous planning and expertise. At Flynn Heat Recovery, we understand the unique challenges and considerations of self-build projects. Our team of MVHR specialists will collaborate with you from the outset, ensuring the system is seamlessly integrated into your design plans.

Contact us today to discuss how MVHR systems from Flynn Heat Recovery can elevate your self-build project and breathe life into your vision of a healthy and comfortable home.

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