S&P IDEO2 325 Ecowatt

SP IDEO2 325

Soler & Palau IDEO2 325 Ecowatt heat recovery ventilation unit with counterflow plate heat exchanger is designed for ventilation of commercial and residential buildings and achieves a maximum efficiency of up to 92%. 

Provides a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of a house whilst extracting condensation, smells and smoke from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

The central unit is completed with extraction valves located in different rooms (kitchen, toilets, bathroom) and supply valves located in the main rooms (dining room, bedrooms).

The IDEO 325 Ecowatt air handling unit is equipped with a CAV controller that ensures the desired airflow volume even when the pressure drop changes. The IDEO 325 Ecowatt heat recovery unit is equipped with centrifugal fans with high efficiency and low consumption DC EC motors and G4 and M5 filters (alternatively F7). For the summer period the unit is equipped with an exchanger bypass.

Features & Benefits

  • Flow rate of 325m³/h
  • Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 92% performance
  • Easy access to filters
  • 100% summer by-pass option for free cooling
  • 2 constant flow fans
  • Wireless remote control
  • Wireless kitchen boost
  • F5 inlet filter with G4 pre-filter
  • G4 extraction filter
  • Air tight construction

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