S&P Respiro - Single Room MVHR

S&P Respiro 100 150

Soler & Palau Respiro is a decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery, for single rooms in domestic or commercial applications. Elegant design that allows its adaptation to any environment. Brushless motor with low consumption electronic control.

The Respiro Series is suitable for new buildings or newly renovated buildings where mould often occurs when using plastic windows. With the Respiro local ventilation unit there are no heat leaks when fresh cool air is supplied due to the ceramic heat exchanger. The ceramic heat recovery exchanger has an average heat recovery efficiency of 78% and a maximum up to 93%. The exchanger is equipped with a G3 class filter on both sides. The Respiro heat recovery unit can be installed in a wall with a depth of 250 – 400 mm.

Designed for a continuous operation, the unit adjusts the airflow proportionally to the humidity level (model RD), ensuring excellent indoor air quality.

Models Available: Respiro 100, Respiro 100 RD, Respiro 150, Respiro 150 RD

Features & Benefits

  • Ceramic heat exchanger with up to 93% performance
  • Alternative ventilation system.
  • 70 second cycles in supply and extraction
  • Filter at both ends of the exchanger
  • Defrost control not required.
  • Flow up to 30 m3/h model 100.
  • Flow up to 60 m3/h model 150.
S&P Respiro remote control

Remote Control

For model Respiro RD only with 3 Humidity Control Modes

S&P Respiro ceramic heat xchanger

Ceramic heat exchanger

with performance up to 93%, protected with a G3 filter at both ends

S&P Respiro internal cover

Internal front cover

of elegant design, which allows adaptation to any environment.

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